Case Studies

For more than 20 years, CRC strategies have been helping our clients to improve their brands, reputations and their business performance.

Chevron is the second-largest integrated energy company in the US. For years, CRC has developed many of Chevron’s communications, media relations, crisis communications, and social media strategies – helping to re-enforce Chevron’s position as a market leader and reaffirm its corporate responsibility within the community it serves. Our strategies have generated hundreds of favorable news stories on TV, national and local print stories, and extensive coverage of energy related issues. A single, Facebook campaign alone generated more than 850,000 fans. Another earned media campaign delivered 17 television interviews, 148 radio interviews, 25 Op-ed placements and more than 100 in-depth interviews. CRC has helped promote the Chevron brand while positioning the energy giant as a model, corporate citizen.

Bias is a best-selling book about a CBS insider exposing media news distortion. CRC created a strategy to gain the maximum exposure for the book and the author to help increase sales. CRC arranged a one-on-one meeting with Matt Drudge that led to the book being featured on The Drudge Report. CRC then leveraged the Drudge exposure to launch the book with an exclusive interview on the Sean Hannity Radio Show and Hannity TV show on Fox News. Following the launch, the media tour yielded interviews on Fox and Friends, Rush Limbaugh radio, dozens of television interviews and more than 300 radio interviews. Bias reached #1 and spent 19 weeks on the New York Times best sellers list

For America is a leading, conservative group established to promote American values and ideals. CRC developed a comprehensive communications and social media program to build awareness and education, create online followers, and to promote community-based activism on behalf of its client. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram were all leveraged to create extensive media coverage including TV, print, radio and online. In 2012, over 70 million actions were taken on Facebook alone, including 27 million in the final two months before the election.

CRC developed highly successful communications and media strategies and execution behind the Academy Award winner. The Hurt Locker was marketed as a film with all of the excitement of a war film with none of the moral preaching about war, earning it both critical acclaim and success at the box office. CRC conducted media outreach campaigns to political and center right media, including bloggers, online outlets, radio, TV, and cable earning the film numerous favorable reviews. Hurt Locker became a media favorite and was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won six Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions, helping people and businesses to reach their potential. In the technology world, the landscape changes quickly, creating new challenges in understanding how laws apply. CRC is a major, trusted communications partner of the software giant, ranging from helping to promote numerous technology policy panels and events on Capitol Hill, to regulatory affairs, to promoting its tech policy experts on issues including antitrust, cyber-security and intellectual property. CRC’s continued service has led to coverage on TV, radio, print and online.